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I love exploring. I love seeing new things. Thus, it means everything (well, only the good things) is on my bucket list. However, there are a lot places to see, things to have, experience to gain, people to meet and facets of life to explore. Death is not the only possible reason why I might not finish my bucket list. Anything could happen. I might be in a situation that I couldn’t travel or do things anymore.

So, my bucket list is not really like a ‘bucket list.’ It is more like a priority list.

Here are some of my favorite things that I’ve already crossed off my list:

1. Go camping on a beach



2. Swim with the gentle giants


3. Hang on any cliff

4. Be muddy
10407665_10205779503784796_2956578250765591991_n5. Hike Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail 
10408629_10205693854443616_5629925884064119452_n6. Have a non-studio “graduation photo” 10603597_10205122168151816_6841473281358166817_n7. Reach any summit in USA10801508_10205122160191617_3295267481866194657_n8. Lay on a wiggly hanging bridge10991266_10205693858163709_4153163909586959798_n9. Have a cool photo while on top of a rock formation11393170_10206600024897311_7073130444604787792_n10. Step foot at the Grand Canyon11745811_10206893359470492_4460537331150781315_n11. Camp somewhere cold, for at least 3 days

10985545_10205693864203860_1214831775791782364_n (1)12. Hang on a hanging bridge


12.  Make an igloo with friends


13.  Go on a hike to the Namsan Tower, Korea


14. Learn how to make Gimbap 


15. Learn how to shoot guns


16. See the city that never sleeps


17. Sit on one of those red chairs in Times Square


18. Enjoy beaches in the Philippines


19.  Experience cliff diving1240176_10205003522385746_6794160827231293842_n20.  Meet someone special enough to spend your life forever with


11156417_10206263798291856_377432539686742421_n21. Be surprised at the airport


22. Visit the Hogwarts’ castle, through the wall between platforms 9 and 10, aka Platform 9 3/4!


23. Set foot on the desert resort city, Palm Springs


24. Go on a road trip


25. Say ‘hello’ to Vegas


26.  Experience extreme heat (once is enough!)11846751_10207096143339962_1704715750520181804_n27. Appear on a NY Times Square screen 11885239_10207182164970449_7268697701856699717_n

28. Learn how to bake pastries and cakes



29. Enjoy the picturesque structure of the Golden Gate Bridge



29. Have a relaxing date at Central Park, New York


30. Hug a giant bear1538910_10206652658213111_8083939169301986915_n

31. See the beauty of Yosemite577747_10202657640420163_5017497_n

32. Trick-or-treat with siblings

33. Make friends with people from different parts of the world


34. Make them forever-friends


35. Sit on the Iron Throne


36. Have a circus-themed 18th birthday party 

59734_10200809414015658_1244943519_n37. Have a photo with Lincoln 

1385389_10202159458285921_507442291_n38. Witness the Sea-of-Clouds phenomenon

10945757_10205599539765808_4181087493224885532_n (1)39. Celebrate Easter Sunday by watching the Manhattan Easter Parade 

1979526_10203405682480747_792821296178097968_n40. Have fun, adventurous dates


41. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge by foot

10299076_10203540768977825_2446739518285051029_n42. Wake up to the nice mountain scenery

11745947_10206861004101628_3512812811449105968_n 43. Graduate college  3

 44. Win a prize at a state fair

145. Build a sand castle birthday surprise

10447851_10203771337061883_8883925752579613765_n46. Have fun at Las Vegas

11223690_10206872734914891_425062886166439029_n47. Ride my favorite ride, the Hulk roller coaster, multiple times

1185939_10201584984364432_951300823_n48. Play with dogs at a beach10004032_10203548714816466_9123806236805138379_n49. Get the attention of Island of Adventure’s Captain America

999869_10201584980084325_2095657627_n50. and Disney World’s Alice’s, as well

1157722_10201630336618210_188440377_n51. Enjoy Universal Studios Florida

536951_10201644703257367_1556577762_n52. See new places

FotorCreated353. Make tons of memories… 

10410388_10205928475068985_6638248155612198053_n54. and live life to the fullest!


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21 thoughts on “Things Off My List | I See Bela

  1. How cool! So good to accomplish your list of must do’s! Congratulations 🙂
    Love your photo looking down on the Golden Gate bridge. Its awesome!
    Look forward to seeing your next list of achievements in the future 🙂

  2. Gee. That’s a pretty long list Isabel. You know what I love most about this – you’ve so amazingly managed to intersperse the simple joys of life into memorable travel moments. Loved it 🙂

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