Another NYC Christmas – Just Can’t Get Enough Of It!

For New Yorkers, Christmas in the city might be just another day – but with more jammed streets filled with tourists from different continents of the world in their puffy jackets.


However, for someone like me, who watched every single Christmas movie, which is almost always set in New York City, it is truly a dream. I can still remember the first time I set foot in the city. It was around 4 years ago. Do I still remember my first Christmas in NYC? Yes, of course. It was awesome and that’s the reason why I keep on coming back.


With my aunt’s home having a close proximity to the city, we’d usually just drive to the city, stroll around, eat, come home, come back the next day and repeat. However, this year, together with my family,  we decided to stay in the city for the holiday season. And I’m so glad we did!  It is surely one of the best holiday breaks I ever had! We stayed in the Hudson Hotel, located in Midtown, which is just a few steps away from the Central Park – which was great since we really enjoyed ice skating in the Wollman Rink and kept on coming back. We’re in a New York Skate of Mind!


Aside from ice skating while listening to the cozy holiday songs, I really enjoyed smorgasbord of lights display, broadway shows, and mouth-watering food the city has to offer.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know about my favorite parts, the Phantom of the Opera on broadway and ice skating experience, on my next posts. For the meantime, here are some more photos that I took during the trip.





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