Just A Quick Life Update!

New York, 2:28 pm. I’m currently typing these words on my phone while laying on my grandmother’s soft bed as I wait for my family and I to leave the house to go to Manhattan, NYC.

Hello, readers! I haven’t posted anything for a while. I have some news that I’d like to share: I quitted my job. Good place, fun job, nice workmates so why resign? It’s simply because I know I could be happier, or perhaps be at my happiest. Right now, I am here in the United States. That is the reason why I was rushing to tick off everything in my Philippine adventure bucket list that I will blog about soon.

From the Philippines, I flew to San Francisco and stayed at my uncle’s place.




Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that my Manila to San Francisco flight had a 12-hour layover in Korea. During the layover, my fiancé’s family picked me up at the airport and let me rest in their home. I had fun with them and their cute dog.


After a few days in San Francisco, California, I flew to North Carolina and stayed at my aunt’s house. They also have a lovely dog that I’m happy to take care of.


My aunt’s family and I did a 10 hour road trip to New York to visit my other aunt’s family and grandma and we’re staying here till next week.




Then, I’m going back to North Carolina and fly to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Jacob.

Then, I’m going back to North Carolina and go to California again. Will update you about those trips soon!

UPDATE (as of 5/4/2015): Now, and still, in Fort Benning, Georgia!


Photos posted here are just from my iphone. Also, the whole post was created using my phone’s browser.

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