A year ago, we eloped.

April of 2015, we eloped. I’m not talking here about the sudden and secretive type of elopement that you see on dramas, where the lovers leave their respective home at the middle of the night, without their parents permission, to run away with each other and get married. Ours wasn’t a secret. There’s no reason for it to be one. It’s just that we can’t wait to get married to each other (You can call it cliche!). So, upon my arrival in the state of Georgia, where he was at that time, we went to the court to ask HOW to get married.

This is how it went:

Clerk: so when do you want to get married?
Us: As soon as possible (expecting it to be few weeks or even a month from that moment)
Clerk: Okay. Follow me. 

She led us to a room and told us to wait. Five minutes after, a court judge came out. We both looked at each other with our ‘WHAT!? We’re getting married in our mall attire? Also, I didn’t prepare my vow. AND we don’t have any guests!’ face. We could have postponed the ceremony but we didn’t. I guess, we were too excited to be Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. It didn’t matter that he was in his khaki pants, and I was in my summer shorts, that we just literally read the prepared vow from the court judge, or that we had no one there to witness one of our milestone, as long as we’re with each other. After that, the next step we took was planning a wedding where both of our families and closest friends are present. It was an intimate beach wedding in the island where we fell in love – Boracay, Philippines.

IMG_8745 (1)

…and it happened a month ago.


our  wedding venue

I’ll let you know about it soon! 






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