Layag-Layag Beach – Travel Guide


Batangas , Philippines

How to Get There

Take a bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas. If you’re coming from Manila,  you’ll reach Nasugbu Town Proper in two hours. From there, you need to ride a tricycle to reach Barangay Papaya. The tricycle ride will take around 45 minutes. Then, you’ll need to take a 20 minute boat (bangka) ride to the island.

Kuya Omar, a local there can arrange the tricycle and boat trip for you. Please contact him at these numbers: +639126473331 / +639979944986. I’ve been to Layag – Layag Island twice and for both trips, it is Kuya Omar who picked and brought us from and back to the Nasugbu Town Proper. One time, his family even arranged a nice lunch for our group.

Basic Expenses (per person)

Roundtrip Coastal Mall to Nasugbu Town Proper bus ticket  | Round trip Tricycle Ride: 300php | Round trip Bangka Ride: 200 php | Stay on the beach: FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I/we do there?

Expect ‘swimming’ on the list but there is more to Layag-Layag than just its clear water. There are a couple of other things, besides swimming that you can do there – to name a few, camping, beach bumming, cliff diving, snorkeling, stargazing, and maybe, soul searching. There are also live crabs crawling around but don’t worry, they’re very little and I don’t think they bite.

2. Do I/we need a tour guide?

No unless you really want someone to accompany you or your group while staying there. If you’re lucky enough, you or your group might be the only one on the island that day – not sure though if you consider that lucky but it’s nice to have the whole island to yourself.

3. How many hours or days should I/we spend in the island? 

It’s really up to you. You can stay as quick or as long as you want but I suggest you stay at least overnight so you could enjoy the stars during the night and sunrise the next day.

4. I/We still have a lot of extra time. What should I/we do?

You could hike Mt. Palay-Palay, popularly known as Mt. Pico de Loro. You could also summit Pico de Loro then camp at Layag-Layag Beach afterwards – that’s what I did in both of my Layag-layag adventures.

5. Is Layag-Layag Island worth the effort?

Absolutely – that’s if you enjoy nature’s serenity.




Want to see more photos of the Layag-Layag Beach? Click this link to see my first blog post about it and this link for the second one.

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32 thoughts on “Layag-Layag Beach – Travel Guide

  1. This is awesome especially I live in Tagaytay and always looking for nearby beaches. Fortune island and Burot beach isn’t doing it anymore so I’ll definitely put this on my list for this month!

  2. Hello. Is there drinking water source in the island? Or any stores which sell basic commodities? And, may facilities po ba like CR? Thank you 🙂 Nice write up.

      • Hi! Sorry for the late response! As far as I can remember, there is no source of clean drinking water nor restrooms on the island itself. However, before the boat ride, you buy some water from Barangay Papaya’s sari-sari store.

        When we were there, the locals were nice enough to let us use their comfort rooms. 🙂

  3. You answered my question, I was thinking is the trek to get there worth it but it certainly looks like it. Nothing like a swim as a reward after a hike (or just sunbathing!)

  4. I have read so many articles from Filo’s on your home country now, that I feel like I’ve had quite the tour!

    Thanks for showing us another beautiful part of it.

    I can’t wait to actually visit (and so many ideas on where to go) 😉

  5. Hi, just a bit of feedback, you don’t mention the country at the beginning of this post so as I began to read it, I did not know where exactly in the world this place was. And for me, (just my opinion) it is nice to be geographically oriented right away.

  6. Helo Ms Bela,
    Thanks for sharing, were planning to comfort ourselves few weeks from now – and this is by going places near Manila..Batangas beach 🙂
    Limited time nga lang, which is good for an overnight stay.
    – if we are going to use our own car to travel from manila to laya laya or to a place near the beach, where can we leave our car?
    – is camping allowed or safe for an overnight stay?
    – does Kuya Omar stay in the island or in the mainland? He probably has an idea where to park just in case 🙂

    • Hi Ed,

      Kuya Omar lives in village next to the island. I believe you are allowed to park your car at their place and if not, I’m sure he can help you finding a safe parking spot.

      I did camp there overnight twice and I think it’s perfectly safe. Also, if you couldn’t contact Kuya Omar at the posted number, just let me know and I’ll ask him his current number for you.

      Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Hi Bella, you are so pretty. I love your blog. I am planning to go in Layag Layag Beach this coming weekend. Hope the weather is good. Thank you for your amazing blog.

    Btw, I have a question 🙂

    If we are coming from Sta Rosa Laguna, it means we have to go to coastal mall to for us to reach Nasugbu? Thanks much!

    • Thank you for the sweet words, Isabela! I’m not sure about the route from Sta Rosa, Laguna but I am sure you can ride a bus to Tagaytay from Calamba then, once you reach Olivarez, Tagaytay, ride the bus to Nasugbu. I hope that helps. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    Is there a tricycle from jollibee nasugbu batangas going to brgy papaya? and how much is the tricycle fee?

  9. wow!! thats very interesting place..
    ive been around that area but never heard from this place .. it seems like i need to see this place soon. thnak u for info and thoughts.. god bless.

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