THE Grand Canyon: One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World

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I never have thought that I’d be able to step foot on one of the seven wonders of the natural world, Grand Canyon – THE Grand Canyon. After a little over 4 hours drive from Las Vegas to Arizona, I was able to see its beauty- truly a magnificent wonder of the world. I know that the world-famous site is big, but I didn’t expect it to be magnificently BIG. It’s really something one shouldn’t miss as words and photos don’t give justice to its majestic beauty. Photo above is from my uncle.

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Does it cost anything to enter the Grand Canyon National Park?

"Yes, entrance fees to the park is $25 per private vehicle, $12 pedestrian or cyclist; fees for commercial bus/tour van passengers vary. Admission is for 7 days and includes both rims; there are no refunds due to inclement weather. U. S. citizens aged 62 or older may obtain an America the Beautiful Senior Pass for a one-time fee of $10 and gain free admission. Persons holding a current National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass (obtainable for $80 at any national park) are admitted free. Annual Grand Canyon passports, valid for the calendar year, are available for $50. U.S. citizens who have a permanent physical, mental or sensory impairment may apply in person for an America the Beautiful Access Pass, which provides the same privileges as the Senior Pass."


After passing through its entrance gate, we parked our car at the visitor’s area parking lot then used their free shuttle service. There are different buses, marked with different colors, that could bring you to the trail of your choice. Make sure to check the map at the bus stop so you’d know the route of each bus. I suggest you to research and choose a trail before going to the Grand Canyon as there is too many of them!


Since we only have a limited time to spend in the National Park, we just rode the first bus that came and it brought us to the South Kaibab Trail. 11745811_10206893359470492_4460537331150781315_nIf you think the view from the top is unbelievable, try exerting a little effort in trekking in its trails and get upclose with these gigantic rock formations.



You might even meet a new friend, like I did.


While I was trying to have a photo of the squirrel (which I couldn’t find and it’s blurry anyway because I freaked out with what the squirrel did), it climbed on top of my head! Before entering the trail, there is a big sign that warns you to not feed the squirrels and they bite. The warning sign even shows how the squirrels’ bite look like – and they are bad!

It was easy to trek down the trail, but going back to the top is another story. Since it’s a little steep, expect to sweat a little bit.


All I can say is the Grand Canyon is worth a visit. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, words and photos don’t give justice is its grandness. You really should see it for yourself!


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11 thoughts on “THE Grand Canyon: One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World

  1. It is a beautiful place, however I’m not in love with these new “Seven Wonders” lists (they’re a bit of a popularity contest and the world has so many beautiful places).

    We visited by helicopter which was an equally amazing experience!!

  2. The Grand Canyon is pretty impressive, isn’t it? I took a scary horse ride down one of the trails as a kid… let’s just say the narrow trail did not put me at ease. I’d love to hike all the way down one day on my own two feet!

  3. I love Grand Canyon! I also need thought that I’d have a chance to visit and didn’t realized that it’s really HUGE. I mean, HUGE. 2 days isn’t even enough, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to go again soon to explore more 🙂

  4. Was there a considerable amount of foot traffic on your visit there? And how are the trails? Are there options to camp out in the national park? I really can’t wait for my chance to see the Grand Canyon. More power to you and your travels, Isabela!

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