Korea: Trick Eye Museum

No filter. No Photoshop edit. Only background tricks.

10891632_10205291290699774_1115634597979975336_nAdmission Fee (Adult): 15,000 won /15 USD

The Tale of the Two Sisters and Their Journey to the Star

Once upon a time, in a land without magic, there were two sisters – Isabela and Katrina. They live in a land that something always bad happens – not just sometimes, but always.


They have been through a lot – hurricanes, lightnings, storms, floods, drought, and even internet disconnection. They always survive.  

10448234_10205291282659573_2184515146758124900_n On a one stormy day, they realized that they could end all of that misfortunes by wishing upon the star. However, this star can only be reached by riding an ice sleigh ride. 


Katrina sent a raven to Isabela’s lover, Jacob, for help. Upon knowing the journey the two sisters had to do, without any second thoughts, he joined them. The three of them knew that their journey to the ice sleigh isn’t easy. 


Jacob was hit by a lady in an evening gown. 


Isabela had to stop the fall of the giant sushi. If she had failed, they had been drowned in salmon sushi by now. 


Katrina, gifted with dragon’s tongue, risked her life to talk to the dragon guarding one of the dungeons to let them pass.

1502489_10205291306620172_9221434357051303917_nNeither of them knew that there’s a fish-like grotesque creature living in that dungeon. Contrary to the photo, they were not happy. Fortunately, the said creature didn’t like their taste so it spit them out. They continued their journey to the ice sleigh.


  Jacob got more bruises.


kAtriNA accidentally swallowed a pill she got from a stranger they encountered on the road. Kids, don’t ever take any pill from any stranger.

10384926_10205291314620372_8492313128249053173_nIsabela was seduced by a young lad to look at something her eyes are supposed not to have a glimpse at because if she did, she’ll turn evil. 


Jacob came to rescue but it was too late. She turned dark and a true love’s stare can make her return to her old self. 10881699_10205291301220037_4835047945859800774_n

Jacob had to beat her first in battles to remove the evil in her.

It was very hard for Jacob to physically hurt the love of his life but he had no choice. He has to save her. 


Finally, with the power vested in him by him, he was able to remove the dark Isabela.

10881860_10205291285219637_6276278621900571090_nHowever, he still needs to give the true love’s stare so she could be back to her normal self and remember him.


The true love’s stare worked and they live happily every after… they continued their journey with Katrina to the ice sleigh. 


They faced every obstacle on their way. 

10406451_10205291308340215_5110153419343738299_nThey were not doing all of of this just for themselves, but also for the people of their village – a place which no longer exists. 

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Will they reach Ice Land, where the ice sleigh is? Will they be the heroes of the village that no longer exists? 


To be continued…



Isabela Mariano | Jacob Hayes | Katrina Mariano

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21 thoughts on “Korea: Trick Eye Museum

  1. This is amazing! I love places like this. How cool 🙂
    You should use one of those pics for your Christmas card send out to all your family and friends! 🙂

  2. How cool. I love your story! If you guys had that much fun imagine how kids (little kids, not grown up ones 🙂 would love it!

  3. We’ve been to this museum when we visited South Korea and we had so much fun here! I love how creative the pictures can be. By the way, I really enjoyed reading your creative, made up story.. it made me smile! Glad to see you guys having fun 🙂

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