Georgia Aquarium: Journey With The Gentle Giants


Brace yourself. You’re gonna see some of the cutest creatures of the universe. 10835270_10206343040792869_6078770331491992165_o

In the 22 to 30 feet deep tank, there you can swim with the gentle giants such as the whale sharks, leopard whiprays, bowmouth guitarfish, zebra sharks, sawfish, and different species of rays.

10999695_10206343036632765_4693029641285549714_o 11033924_10206343040912872_1900034357501641845_o-001Before the actual swim, we were given a typical do-and-don’ts brief. The don’t that their staff most emphasized was “Don’t touch the animals. Don’t ever touch the animals.” I know it’s tempting but it’s for the best.


We were not allowed to touch the animals. However, they didn’t warn the animals not to touch us. Guess what, the whale shark bumped me with its tail. I swear I did my best to avoid the whale shark but it is so big that it couldn’t get avoided in just a few seconds. That butt high five of that big thing to me made me smile.

11174710_10206343040272856_3003783138094599621_o10259046_10206343040552863_7621030571879759274_o 11127474_10206343040352858_4080275234072157925_o 11160604_10206343036952773_4957913544978186203_o

Every time I see ANY stingray near me, I get nervous. Why? Stingrays aren’t scary. STINGrays aren’t scary. Luckily, I got out of the aquarium without feeling any pain. Just don’t hurt them and they won’t sting you!

11087949_10206343041592889_2345820858051112375_o11164595_10206343042872921_3596640515783083739_o 11174260_10206343042952923_7409851355303360496_oThe Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the entire world from its opening in 2005 until 2012, when it was surpassed by Marine Life Park in Singapore, but it still remains at the biggest aquarium in USA.
11182050_10206343038792819_2982322043929559699_n 11182698_10206343042072901_4721204469956668312_o 11182794_10206343042792919_9203522501467423198_o 11212670_10206343036992774_8942898307544723712_o 11218536_10206343039792844_6014812941377923785_n-001 11219500_10206343040472861_6100436042116207572_o



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