Got A Marriage Proposal But Didn’t Give “Yes” As An Answer

Seoul, Korea. December 24, 2014.

8:00 AM

I woke up early to watch The Hobbit on 4DX with my then-boyfriend, Jacob, his nice family and my sister.


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12 NN

After the movie, we ate lunch in a Korean restaurant.

10805787_10205268347726214_5886125918910907988_n 10881489_10205268349126249_210408967533517648_n

Around 3 PM

We headed to the top of the Namsan Tower, where we were able to get a nice view of Seoul.


*Jacob put his arms around me and told me cheesy stuff that I forgot because during that time, my heart was beating fast*

then he goes “Isabela…” *drops down to one knee with a ring in a box on his hand* “Will you marry me?”


I didn’t say yes.

I smiled, nodded and pulled him up, but he remained kneeling so I told him “Please get up” like 5 times.


Bright future ahead of us! Haha.

It was my kind of yes. It’s just that it was too romantic that my heart couldn’t handle. Haha. Or I’m just not used to PDAand I don’t like someone kneeling before me. Haha. I was, and still am, happy, very happy. The man I love, and also loves me, was in front of me, asking me to be with him forever. Of course, I was in cloud 9.

Oh, I forgot to mention that before we headed to the top of the tower, we did the “love lock” thingy. I will tell you more about it when I get to blog about Namsan. Here’s our small-but-strong lock…


So there’s my news, readers. I’m engaged! I’m sorry for being MIA. Wow. I just realized it has been more than two months since I last posted a blog entry. I could go into details why I haven’t posted anything for awhile, but basically it’s just because I’ve been having awesome adventures, that I’m excited to blog about, lately. Here are my favorites among the adventures that I had: I climbed some mountains, including the 2922 masl Mt. Pulag  which is famous for its ‘Sea of Clouds’ . I finished my last subject which means I can finally bid farewell to school (or not, if I decide to take up a Masteral degree). I met up half way (but actually 2/7 way because he flew from USA and I flew from Manila) with my then-boyfriend, and now fiancé, and had a lovely vacation in Korea.


taken last June in Manila

Can’t wait to share those adventures with you!

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22 thoughts on “Got A Marriage Proposal But Didn’t Give “Yes” As An Answer

  1. You make a beautiful couple. Look forward to you both visiting us in Carlisle. And Jacob, way to go with the romantic proposal!

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