Inspiring Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda Stories That Caught My Heart

Super Typhoon Haiyan, which is approximately three and a half times stronger than Hurricane Katrina, is the strongest typhoon on recorded history and the country that it hit, the Philippines, is just a developing country. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe, it is God’s sign for us to look at the climate change issue. But, why the Philippines? I hate the tweet that I read saying that it’s because God is punishing Filipinos. He is not. I’m very sure. It is just simply because God chose us because He knows that we can handle it. The Filipinos are very resilient. Indeed, what makes the Philippines more fun is its people. We have been hit by numerous storms and earthquakes. We can consider ourselves as ‘natural calamity veterans.’ Actually, Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines while the country is still recovering from the past typhoon and earthquake that it just experienced. Despite of the great challenges, we can still manage to put on a happy face. The Philippines isn’t fine as of the moment but I believe that there is still hope even in the aftermath of the world’s strongest typhoon ever recorded in history.

“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The world isn’t a bad place after all. In times of greatest difficulty, there you will find the best opportunity on how to be significant in the human race.  Moreover, here are some of the inspiring Typhoon Haiyan stories that caught my heart.

1. Foreign aids pouring from all over the world The news about the hit of Super Typhoon Haiyan (known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) and its aftermath were known world-wide. The world’s response to the tragedy is somehow boosting and is helping the country recover from the said misfortune. Maybe, this could be God’s plan to make the whole world united.


Not all foreign aid are included in this photo | source:

U.S. Marines preparing for a relief operation in the Philippines | source:

U.S. Marines preparing for a relief operation in the Philippines | source:

I believe all of the Filipinos are in deep gratitude to various foreign governments and international agencies who are extending their hands to help our country.

2. Strength through diversity Not only the different foreign governments and institutions but also individuals from different nations have extended their help in any way they can to the victims/survivors of the typhoon. I can really feel the sympathy and concern of people from all over the world. From prayers to voluntary works, everything is much appreciated! People from different parts of the world, even international celebrities and icons, have been tweeting messages of love and concern for the victims of the super typhoon.

Social media networks are also helping. When you hover over the little sun on Tumblr, it says ‘Help the Philippines.’ When you open your Facebook account, you will see a donate link on the home page.



A six year old Japanese kid donated his childhood savings to the Typhoon Haiyan victims.



My heart melted when I saw these American kids selling juices to help victims of the super typhoon.

I met this sweet six-year old kid, Abby, in a dinner. She made a donation box and wrote ‘Please help the Philippines’ on the top of it.


Instead of resting, these stranded tourists opt to lend their hands to help.

source: Lowell Estepa

source: Lowell Estepa

Frida and Emma cancelled their Boracay trip to volunteer and help typhoon victims instead. 

These are proofs that the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit, characterized by teamwork and shared goal, is also alive in the hearts of foreigners. Just like them, you can also help in your own little way. So let us do our part and show the true spirit of bayanihan!

3. Birth of a ‘miracle’ typhoon baby amidst typhoon devastation People died but this baby, named after her mother who went missing in the storm, was born. According to, her mother was in an evacuation center when the storm surge hit and flooded the city and the mother had to swim and cling to a post to survive before she found safety at the airport. In addition, her husband in Manila was unaware of what has happened.

source: Bulilit Marquez

source: Bulilit Marquez

4. Selfless parent This photo is heart breaking but it shows how much parents love their children.  We will never know what they went through before they died but I guess this man could live if he only thought of himself. However, he didn’t do that. He is a parent and this guy just showed us what a real parent is. Unfortunately, he didn’t completely succeed. However, this is just one case. We don’t know what the other parents did for their children or what the children did for their parents.

5. Filipino resiliency was admired Filipino resiliency has been tested again. Every year, we show the world how resilient the Filipino are in times of tragedy. Nations and its people from all parts of the world are expressing admiration for the resilience of the Filipino people.

On the Comments Sections of the CNN article entitled “Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of strongest storms ever, hits central Philippines”, dudesk001 describe the Filipino resiliency by posting this:


Instead of leaving the calamity-hit city of Tacloban, some survivors have started rebuilding their homes. 


source: Wally Santana


source: Wally Santana

6. The Filipino ‘Bayanihan’ spirit Filipinos have this innate spirit of volunteerism that is usually present in times of natural calamities and even in non-emergency situations. We call that as ‘Bayanihan.’ No matter where they are, Filipinos will really find a way to help their fellow kababayans. 


source: Lowell Stafa

Filipino community fundraising in San Francisco, CA | source:

Filipino community fundraising in San Francisco, CA | source:

source: May Sullano

source: May Sullano


source: Michael Sellers

Here are more inspiring photos that I found on Twitter when I searched ‘#PrayForThePhilippines.’

source: Raffy Tima

Tacloban. 7 days after the hit, this rainbow appeared. There is always hope.  source: Raffy Tima


“@Seahawks: We are fighting the devastation of #Haiyan which has been worse than many war-torn regions of the world”

Volunteers are writing inspirational messages on top of the relief goods. source:

Volunteers wrote some inspirational messages on top of the relief goods. source:


The Empire State lit up with love for the Philippines!


twitter pray

Please help pray for the Philippines. Every uttered prayer counts. Besides praying, YOU can also help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines by donating. Even if it’s just 5 bucks, do not hesitate to donate it. It may be just a few bucks for you but in the Philippines, those few bucks could save some lives.  Click this link to see how.

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